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Festoon & Cable Conveyor Systems


There is an extensive range of varying sizes and types of clamps available that can facilitate a wide variety of applications.

Our cable and festoon system can be used for electrical supply for hoists and monorails, for heavy duty overhead cranes, for mobile electric welding equipment, for marble splitting and cutting equipment, cutting torches, compressed air supply for pneumatic equipment and many other applications.

Key Benefits:

The NIKO Festoon Cable Systems are:
  •  Simple to install
  •  Economical
  •  Free running in operation
  •  High Safety Factor
  •  Minimal Maintenance

Festoon and cable conveyor systems applications:

Trolleys for cables and flexible hoses are used for the transport of round and flat cables as well as for hoses towards electric, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment in motion.

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Cable Trolley .L10

Cable Trolley .L00