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Monorails & Conveyors

Painting Lines
Meat Handling
General Material Handling

Light Weight Cranes

Stand Alone Cranes
Climbing Cranes
Ceiling Mounted Cranes

Festoon & Cable Conveyors Systems

Fall Arrest Systems

Tool Suspension Systems

Fittings for Cupboard & Wardrobe Sliding Doors
Fittings for Residential Sliding Doors
Fittings for Industrial Sliding Doors
Fittings for Folding Doors
Fittings for Wall Partitioning Systems
Fittings for Doors around the corner
Fittings for Sliding Gates
Fittings for Sliding Curtains
Fittings for Sliding Curtains on Trucks

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Brochures Request

I would like to know more about NIKO solutions.
Please send me the following brochures per post:
Conveyor systems Sliding door applications
C1 Conveyor systems
C2 Light crane range
C3 Conveyor system for cable or hoses
B Technical product catalogue
Leaflet A Sliding door fittings for light duty applications
Leaflet B Sliding door fittings for heavy duty applications

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Brochures request